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Previous Novel (writing as Rebecca East)

A. D. 62: Pompeii,
The Storyteller

Kindle version available for $.99 at

It’s a tale of a stranded time traveler in Pompeii.  One reviewer called it “Cinderella in Pompeii”; Rebecca prefers to think of it as “Upstairs/ Downstairs in Ancient Rome”. 

Reviews of A. D. 62: Pompeii
A riveting read! The story is about Miranda’s rise in status as she learns her way around Roman and slave society, telling stories and influencing the people around her … I tore through the book in one day- a thoroughly enjoyable read!  -   Tamora Pierce
… Anyone who enjoys Colleen McCullough’s Masters of Rome series or Lindsey Davis Marcus Didius Falco mysteries should find this an enthralling tale, like I, Claudius crossed with Upstairs, Downstairs. -  India Edghill, author of Queenmaker, in Historical Novel Review
This well-crafted love story is realistically set in Pompeii. A remarkably readable and well-informed view of what life was like in those times through the eyes of a slave. Although it has a time-travel wrapper, the entire novel is set in ancient Pompeii, so you don’t need to be put off if sci-fi is not your thing. I believe the really good books one reads in a lifetime are remembered long after reading them … this is just such a book. - Ian Kampel
… I actually felt transported back in time… <she>  did not try to impost 21st century values…. I swore I would never read fiction about the Romans again, but you have given me renewed hope that, yes, there are good writers after Rosemary Sutcliff – Mary Minschall
…  It’s one of my favorite books AND IT HAS TIME TRAVEL (mix time travel and Ancient Rome and you got me.)  To be honest it takes more than that:  great writing, a good story, and a great analysis between ‘then’ and ‘now’ – add a love story and I’m yours. I’ve read it twice. Is that recommendation enough? …  Imagine what the Romans would have thought of Shakespeare, Dickens, and Hans Christian Andersen?  I have no doubt I will read this story again.  –
… an enchanting story that manages to harmoniously combine fact and fiction. The adventures of the stranded time traveler Miranda are simply wonderful and this book helped persuade me a trip to Pompeii is in order to walk down the streets so beautifully described in the book. The story revolves around ordinary people, in this case the slaves of a household, rather than a significant historical figure and as such stays well clear of trudging down the well-trod path of retelling the life of a well-documented figure. - Amazon review by "mcdonan"
…A journey into a past that lives again, with well-informed and accurate descriptions of places and people – Salvatore Nappo, author of Pompeii: A guide to the Ancient City; he supervised excavation and restoration in Pompeii.

Art that inspired the story: 

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