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Author Bio


Rebecca loves historical fiction with a touch of magic. 

She is a published author of books in statistics and research articles in psychology. She's sure you'll agree: Fiction is much more fun! Statistics writing has this advantage: she gets paid for it. So far, historical fiction is an expensive and enjoyable hobby that she does for love rather than money. 

An early childhood memory: reading fairytales in a corner behind a wingback chair next to her grandmother's fireplace. This inspired a lifelong love of gentle fantasy.  

Her interests include reading, nature walks, travel, and Italian greyhounds. The first thing an Italian greyhound has to learn in her house is that nothing happens before Mommy has her coffee.

Research for this novel included motion-sickness-inducing bus trips to remote Cathar castles, conversations with local history enthusiasts, and lots and lots of books. And, of course, drinking the wines of Occitanie in cafes. 

She loves to hear from readers!


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She'd like to look like:

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