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Work in Progress:
Journey of Souls

The Lady of Mirefoix faces crisis when the brutal husband she believed dead returns from the Crusades. She turns to murder and magic to protect herself and her walled city, but the spells never work as expected, and the souls she summons have destinies of their own. When war comes to her country, everything she loves is in jeopardy.

The story takes place during the Albigensian Crusade (the war against Cathar heretics) in the Occitan (southern France).

A multicultural Middle Ages with strong women. 

For fans of  "Game of Thrones" -- but with women on top 

Blog posts provide historical background.

My writing soundtrack includes period music. Here's a favorite from the New World Renaissance Band and the late Owain Phyfe. Below: Carcassone, a walled city in the Occitan. 

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