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Journey of Souls
by Rebecca Warner

When the brutal husband she believed dead returns from the Crusades, the Lady of Mirefoix turns to murder and magic. But the spells never work as intended; they bring souls from distant worlds. The Lady orders them to help defend her walled city, but the summoned souls have desires and destinies of their own. 

This multicultural adventure is set in 13th-century Occitan during the Albigensian Crusades (the war against the Cathar heretics). Available on Amazon free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers and as an ebook and paperback. 

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“…Featuring time travel, magic, religion, and the harsh realities of the Middle Ages … the book boasts a skillful blend of these distinctive elements, offering rich period details...with so much in flux, from soul-swapping to dealing with heretics, there are always plenty of reasons to keep reading….this rousing tale delivers an enticing mixture of fantasy and history.” –Kirkus Reviews


“….Prepare for a riveting journey through history as Warner’s words weave a tapestry of intrigue and fascination. Dive into the pages of this compelling book and get ready to be transported to another era where history comes alive in the most enthralling way possible.”—Suzie Housley, Bookwatch/Midwest Book Review.


“…interweaves elements of history, mysticism, and fantasy, spinning a fantastic take on the Dark Ages…Journey of Souls has rich historical content and is very atmospheric… Wondering if any…would ever reach a happy ending kept me turning pages to the very end. A gripping read.”—Tracy Traynor, ReadersFavorite


“…one of the books I read this year that went on to satisfy me beyond my expectations. This is the kind of book that should be adapted into a movie…The plot was well developed, and the element of suspense was well delivered. I love the author’s writing style…I loved every single bit of this book.”—Merits Ani, OnlineBookClub.


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